Prosecutors challenge the actions of Adam Bodnar and Jacek Bilewicz

The first 8 lawsuits have been filed with the District Courts on behalf of the Appellate and Regional Prosecutors unlawfully deprived of the possibility to lead the Prosecutor’s Offices as a result of the actions of General Prosecutor Adam Bodnar and the “acting National Prosecutor” Jacek Bilewicz.

In these lawsuits, the “recalled” Prosecutors demand among others, the establishment of their official status and the court order enabling them to perform their official duties, and they emphasize the complete legal ineffectiveness of the letters sent by “acting National Prosecutor”, Jacek Bilewicz and the actions of Prosecutor General, Adam Bodnar.

The plaintiffs also emphasize complete ineffectiveness of their “recalling” from their delegations, pointing out that according to the law in force in Poland, the only person authorised to take staffing decisions regarding them is the First Deputy of the National Public Prosecutor, Dariusz Barski.

The filed petitions contain appropriate requests for injunctions to secure the claims seeking the immediate reinstatement of the prosecutors to their official positions and functions in the Prosecutor’s Office.